I'm giving an ARTIST TALK in person Thurs. 4/7/22 @ 7:30 pm @ UT's School of Art in room 109. To join via Zoom & for more info, register/go here -- tiny.utk.edu/amanda_friedman

Images: (Left) Amanda Friedman, Untitled (Studio Guardian Tree #6), 2022, India ink, gauche, colored pencil, and graphite on paper

(Right) Lynne Marinelli Ghenov, (Detail) Window 2 - wild goose chase - so utterly under the surface of the river, 2022, graphite, colored pencil, and India ink on paper

A Rose Goes features works by Amanda Friedman and Lynne Marinelli Ghenov in conversation with works from the Ewing Gallery Permanent Collection.

Friedman and Ghenov are comfortable with ghosts in the studio. Ghenov uses family ledgers and documents found while cleaning out her childhood home. Friedman combines unexpected materials such as crayons, reference book photocopies, and lighting gels. Both artists use the act of drawing to try to capture the present moment, while their materials are envoys of the past. These technical and physical modes of working underscore their mutual interest in the foggy lines between different chapters in a human lifetime and realms of presence.

As Friedman and Ghenov simultaneously tease out and further obscure the boundaries between past and present, drawing and accumulated materials, their work is put into conversation with artists from the University of Tennessee’s permanent collection such as Joseph Delaney, Claes Oldenburg, Mira Schor, and Nancy Spero. The dialogue that ensues explores the blurred lines between drawing as practice and performance, between studies and finished works, and between art-making and living.

In conjunction with this exhibition, an artist book catalog (published by the Ewing Gallery and the Fire Escape Cafe) will be released at an event Friday, April 22 at 6-8 pm at the UT Downtown Gallery.

Freewheeling interviews with contemporary artists about their processes and inspirations. Hosted by artist Jennifer Sullivan.

Check out other great artist interviews in the "It's a Process" series on Jen's site here or on the show's Apple Podcast link!

NADA House at Governors Island
Turn Onz, Detroit
5/8 - 8/1/2021 

Everyday Drawings and Pyramids at Grifter

75 East Broadway, Unit 221 NY, NY

9/11- 10/31/20

Cloud Memories
Curated by Adrianne Rubenstein
White Columns Online
Online, 3/23 - 4/23/20

Exhibition on the White Columns website, here!

Lazzis and Two One Acts 
at All Saints Church
230 E60th St. NY, NY
7 PM 12/14/19

Lazzis and Two Acts, a revue produced by Vivien Theatre Video, the cooperative experimental theatre company I recently founded with Irina Jasnowski Pascual, Tyler Berrier, David Kirshoff, and Josh Brand will be staged at All Saints Church on Sat. Dec 14th. The night hinges together: a surgical theatre opera (Irina and Tyler), lazzis puppetry fashion show (David), videos (Josh), and my new play, Helen Rides V. My piece is built around/makes a world for the ceramic light castle towers/paintings I've been making. Estimated runtime, an hour 15min.
Please see below for a series of posters for the evening. 

Family Show
at Safe Gallery

1004 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
10/11 - 12/15/19

Safe Gallery presents:
The Burn Show
Curated by Blair Blumberg & Jonny Campolo
Folly Tree Arboretum
741 Springs Fireplace Rd.
East Hampton, NY

Artist Talk
w/ other UArk artists-in-residence Dan Gunn & Adam Milner 
6 PM 6/13/19
Pryor Center
Fayetteville, AR

Summer Residency
at the University of Arkansas 

I am an artist-in-residence at the Clay Break residency in the Ceramics Dept. at UArk, June-July 2019. 

Helen Rides IV